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Cartesio _ 30 Years in Business


Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Cartesio People & Minds share these Values:


Cartesio Consultancy listens to its interlocutors and respects every point of view.


Cartesio Consultancy was born to be free, ethical, innovative and competent in providing its knowledge to public and private companies and entrepreneurs.


Cartesio Consulting satisfies the contractual objectives signed with the Client.


Cartesio Consultancy works with Colleagues, Idea Incubators, Universities, Organizations, Technicians, Specialists, to best represent the interests of its Clients and the pathway that guides them to achieve their goals.


Cartesio Consulting does not cajole the Client, it provides him with the tools to read the context in which he operates, it mediates the complexity.


Cartesio Consultancy does not accept to operate in contexts or results harmful to the Community, the Environment, the Stakeholders themselves or the Professional figure of the Management Consultant.


Cartesio People support each other professionally and create a value chain of competence and knowledge for continuous improvement.


The Cartesio customer is at the center of the Cartesio world, without distinction of size, turnover or Country.


Every Action, Company, Spin-off or Innovation arises from Cartesio tends towards this in every declination:


Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

People, Minds and Cartesio Consulting respect:

The published Cartesio Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics of the Client Companies in which they operate.

The Code of Ethics of our Professional Association.

The law of the Countries in which they operate.

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