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High-risk/high-reward research

⌘ Overview:

At the end of May I happened to comment with the English-speaking Colleagues on the text written procedure by the Committee on Scientific and Technological Policy on 04/05/2021 and prepared for publication by the OECD Secretariat. The text is about the “Effective policies to foster High-risk / high-reward research.” This week, therefore, the “Overview” is in English. We gather in this way also the considerations of Colleagues and Companies who are less familiar with the Italian language.

Let me share some food for very close reflection, I think, with our economic recovery system concepts [ours, which is not only the Italian market]; synthesizing:

this report analyses policies and research funding mechanisms designed to foster high-risk high-reward (HRHR) research, and explores promising practices for fostering HRHR research in a variety of contexts. The underlying concern is that failure to encourage and support research on risky, ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas may jeopardise a country’s longer-term ability to compete economically, harness science for solving national and global challenges, and contribute to the progress of science as a whole. The analysis in this paper is primarily based on a survey of individual HRHR research funding schemes in different countries, complemented by targeted interviews. This survey was supplemented by an analysis of HRHR research-oriented programmes and by the feedback from an international workshop that included all relevant stakeholders.

Five key policy questions for HRHR research frame the work emerged, namely:

1.What different funding instruments are used and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

2.What evidence (if any) exists of the effectiveness of these different instruments? What is the most appropriate instrument to use in a particular context?

3.Are there alternative and/or complementary non-funding policies that can be implemented, and in what context?

4. Are there alternative and/or complementary non-funding policies that can be implemented, and in what context?

5. What are the roles, responsibilities and constraints of different actors in promoting high-risk research?

To the question: what impact does an HRHR approach have on all of us? Their graphic representation below seemed very relevant to me. Especially the results between "Risk aversion" and "Portfolio approach".

Figure 1. Impact of research stakeholders on HRHR research

La tua Impresa che approccio ha verso sitemi di investimento “out of the box”? Hai mai considerato di investire in innovazione tecnologica di processo?

What approach does your company have towards “out of the box” investment systems? Have you ever considered investing in process technological innovation?

⌘ The Practice:

Many economic, financial and credit scenarios are opening up in this June 2021. One of our important challenges, Entrepreneurs and Professionals, is to be able to seize the opportunities of public funding for the private restart. Also by investing in new market approaches, or by participating in these new commercial scenarios I share a new approach to the market at

If you want to exchange ideas, needs and learn more, you can activate 30 free minutes of Consultancy at the following link or write to me at

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