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ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) | Compliance & Investment Services

Cartesio Consulting experience in the field of compliance and investments has allowed us to present qualified ESG compliance services to our Clients.

Including these criteria in the Governance processes is highly recommended in the context we are living in.


This means a greater chance of receiving financing for your company. It also means investing with foresight in the supply chain or financial operations


ESG analysis has become an increasingly important part of the investment process. For investment professionals, a key motivation in the practice of considering Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues as part of their financial analysis is to gain a fuller understanding of the companies in which they invest.

In our  post-covid era “ 58% is the share of respondents to a survey by Investopedia and Treehugger who indicated increased interest in ESG investment in 2020. !9% reported using ESG considerations in selecting investments”.


ESG Compliance & Investment Cartesio Consulting  Services provides a range of tools and analysis & action  processes.

As global interest in ethical investment grows, these factors have increasing financial relevance. There are many dedicated ESG professionals and many more who recognize the relevance of ESG information to gain a more meaningful understanding of corporate policy management and strategy.


ESG investing identifies and quantifies risks that are overlooked by traditional financial metrics, such as a company’s impact on the environment, its use of child labour or employee diversity. It is also concerned with executive pay, and how this relates to company performance, accounting and tax policies.


Companies with sound policies are managed better and are more sustainable.


Today, ESG investing accounts for around a quarter of all professionally managed funds around the globe. Although institutional investors have a duty to maximize shareholder value, there is growing awareness that ESG ratings are an indicator of a company’s long-term performance, including return and risk, as well as its ethical standing.


Cartesio’s  ESG Services help the Client to sed avoid one of the major barriers to successful investment had been a lack of quality, impartial data, because the context is changing rapidly.





  • Data Feed

  • Business Relationship Map

  • ESG Business Plan

  • ESG Internal Manual

  • GAP Analysis

  • Audits

  • Board Effectiveness Reporting

  • Corporate Governance Risk Monitoring

  • ESG Certification Process

  • ESG Dashboard.

  • ESG MATRIX with Standards: CSR, ISO 31000, and ISO 14000

  • ESG Current Financial Matrix and Gap Analysis

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