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Strategy & Organization

Our commitment is to help business owners developing an effective business strategy so they can be successful. We work to improve sales, productivity, organization, company culture,  stakeholders and employee relations.


Some entrepreneurs operate without a strategy. They look at the industry and their company's performance and make daily whatever moves seem best to them.

In the past, maybe, Companies could sail for a long way like this, but they could also run aground. In our new normality, post covid era, the Strategic Planning helps keep the ship from hitting the rocks.


We provide professional services in:

  • Methodologies [I.R.I.P® iBEP®  T+R=Sd®]

  • Startup Accelerator

  • Strategy & Organization

  • Post-covid New Business Models

  • Business Development

  • Financial & Business Planning

  • Risk Management

  • General Management

  • International Standard Compliance

  • Internationalization

  • Due Diligence

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