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General Management in Outsourcing

We provide General Management Services with vertical and transversal knowledge and skills, covering the roles of CEO, CFO, BDM, MD, AD, EXPORT MANAGER, RISK MANAGER, Q & ISMS MANAGER, SAFETY & SECURITY MANAGER for Public or Private Companies, including SMEs or start-ups, who need coordination in their strategic activities and sustainable business growth.

We establish ISO 31000 Management and Control Models. The Cartesio procedures include the compliance analysis for risk assessment.


According to the assigned role we support the implementation of the Company's strategies, defining this path with the Shareholders' Meeting or the Entrepreneur’s agenda.

The Cartesio/Client agenda provides physical presences in the Company (Colleague of the designated GMO Pool).  We include the remote connection / flexible working activities with at least one Pool Senior for the day/week/month themes. Our focus is daily monitoring and direct contact with the Company with monthly and quarterly trend reporting.


We represent the Company in the typical activities of the various managerial roles assigned. Within the limits of the powers conferred upon us our MD, CEO, CFO/CEO role, can handle:

- Internal Relations and Internal Issues of the Organization

- Company and Human Capital’s Performance

- Costs and Turnover

- Company Dashboard.

We interact with third parties in practice with customers, suppliers, banks, institutional and local authorities.

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