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It is not easy for a Company/Entrepreneur to establish decision-making mechanisms. If the identification of the elements that lead to a decision is wrong, even the resulting decisions will not be successful. Following the OECD works, in the public field, for policy-maker paths, it is worth reflecting on what is below.

The self-assessment tool [source OECD ]

“This interactive self-assessment tool enables policy-makers, practitioners and stakeholders to review their institutional mechanisms, organizational structures and policy-making processes against internationally recognized good practices on Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development, as outlined in the OECD Recommendation on Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development. It is designed to stimulate dialogue by helping users to identify strengths, gaps and weaknesses as a first step towards improvement.”


It is not advisable from a business point of view to wait for the signs of having been overtaken by the competition - in the market, in the tools and in the decisions - to dedicate oneself to understanding the context we are part of.

A context that must increasingly take into account all its components and of which the product itself is only a part, sometimes not even the most impactful to be successful.

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